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Flexibility is key in hot runner controllerFlexibility is key in hot runner controller

August 23, 2008

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Flexibility is key in hot runner controller

Running new, more demanding, and more complicated resins through hot runner systems is becoming a challenge to many molders. Helping to meet that challenge is the 980 Series multitask hot runner controller. Using the same patented static cooling design found in the company?s temperature controllers, the 980 Series resists dust and debris common in a manufacturing environment, and offers a list of features designed to make the units more flexible.

Each module on the controller can identify whether it is connected to a dynamic cavity or to a slow-changing manifold zone; based on this it can calculate and implement the appropriate PID parameter for the application. The system also uses a readjustment feature that monitors and averages changes in power requirements, avoiding processing variations caused by line voltage fluctuation.Other features include a copy mode to allow the user to set all zones simultaneously; a link mode to change setpoints incrementally based on one zone; power averaging for thermocouples that do not respond normally; fuzzy-logic-based control; and a small 6-by-6-by-12-inch footprint for a 12-zone unit. A 12-zone unit costs $5924; a six-zone unit costs $3510.Orycon Control Technology Inc.
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