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January 1, 2007

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Full-servo three-axis robots with thin wrist-flip action

T he Harmo HRX-150Si fully user-programmable, three-axis full-servo robot has a kick frame that provides rigidity for enhanced support and repeatability, and a thick-walled aluminum extrusion traverse with a steel sub-weldment that suppresses vibration. A thin wrist-flip unit allows reduced mold-open strokes, and it can pick from either mold half by flipping on the fly without mechanical adjustments. A high-quality linear guide on all axes features a linear rail and bearing system.

The robots automate horizontal injection molding machines ranging from 40-1100 tons in both three- and five-axis configurations. Units are available with single- or two-stage telescopic vertical arms?the two-stage configuration is standard on units for 300 tons and larger, allowing for easy placement in low ceiling environments. The telescopic vertical arm also provides for greater vertical axis speeds on larger presses due to the compound arm construction method.

Sterling, New Berlin, WI
(262) 641-8610; www.sterlco.com

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