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Graham Engineering consolidates Rhode Island ops, extrusion at PA facilityGraham Engineering consolidates Rhode Island ops, extrusion at PA facility

Extrusion blow molding specialist Graham Engineering Corp. (York, PA) has announced that it will relocate its Ashaway, RI, operations and American Kuhne brand, a supplier of extrusion systems, to its York location. CEO David Schroeder cites continued growth in the company's extrusion business as one of the primary reasons for the move. "We are simply outgrowing the Ashaway facility, which houses our extruder assembly," said Schroeder, in a prepared statement.

PlasticsToday Staff

October 12, 2015

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Graham Engineering consolidates Rhode Island ops, extrusion at PA facility

"Capacity constraints in our Ashaway extruder center of excellence have the potential to impact future lead times, one of our competitive advantages," added Dan Schilke, General Manager of the Ashaway facility. "Expanding our manufacturing footprint enables us to remain nimble and responsive to our customers."

The company expanded its York facility by 35% in 2013 while integrating its Welex sheet line assembly operations from Greenville, NC. It continues to make capital investment and improvements to accommodate ongoing growth, the company said.

The 55-year-old York manufacturing facility comprises a product development and testing laboratory, test and development lines, and large machinery handling capability.

"Together, we are a convergence of leading technologies, people and capabilities in extrusion," stated Bob Deitrick, Vice President of Global Sales, in a news release. "This move enables an even greater level of knowledge-sharing, cooperation and cross-functional collaboration under one roof, benefiting our customers not only in time to market, but also with enhanced custom design, testing, training and run-off capabilities," said Deitrick.
The integration will proceed into 2016 in a coordinated, structured move to ensure all customer commitments are met. The company will maintain a satellite office near the present Ashaway location, and many Ashaway employees will have the opportunity to relocate to York, added Graham Engineering.

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