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May 1, 2002

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Heavy duty coiler designed for the tubing and profile market

NP_Vulcan.jpgThe heavy duty SLC series of coilers is designed for the high-speed, large-reel tubing and profile market. Extrudate is delivered to the coiler via an ultrasonic dancer, which provides automatic spindle speed control. The two-spindle, turret-type units include outboard spindle supports and a modified automatic cut-and-transfer system configured to process large capacity reels. The cut-and-transfer system is designed to transfer product from the full reel to an empty reel without disrupting the coiling process.

The SLC Series coiler uses a coordinated a-c servodrive system that is fully programmable, digital, and reportedly provides an increase in coiler response and operating range. The dual axis servomotor-driven spindle and traverser are integrated and networked for communication. This closes the velocity and position drive loops and enables the traverser to place the extrudate in a precise circumferential pattern at either flange with instant or delayed reverse patterns. The software-based servo system can handle a wide array of pre-programmed traversing patterns.

The coiling parameters are entered using a four-line liquid crystal display (LCD) with soft-touch keypad entry and password protected setup menus.

Vulcan Machinery Corp., Akron, OH
(330) 376-6025

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