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High-Speed AutowinderHigh-Speed Autowinder

January 1, 2002

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High-Speed Autowinder

An autowinder launched at K 2001 is capable of winding flexible tubing and profiles at up to 500 m/min, depending on the process. It can also automatically change reels or coils during continuous running. Previously, manufacturers had to either slow down or completely stop the line during reel changeover. Further restrictions on the length of each coil have also been eliminated.

Reportedly, the autowinder's automated changeover sequence almost eliminates the need for operator intervention. When a preprogrammed length is reached a warning alarm sounds and the winder automatically changes the reels over, cuts and attaches the tube or profile onto a new reel, and presents the completed reel. Another signal from the winder alerts the operator that changeover is complete. If the tubing is being wound onto coils rather than reels, automated wrapping and/or strapping operations can be added to the sequence.

The winders are available with a range of standard coil formers or can be customized to match existing reel sizes. Tension and speed are controlled even when winding very lightweight products, and the servocontrolled automatic traverse with a fiber-optic flange sensing system is said to produce a clean and neatly wound coil. A PLC touch screen allows number input, storage, and configurable access levels.

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