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August 23, 2008

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Hot runner controller triples zone control

In an expansion of the single-tier GLC 2K hot runner temperature control, which was introduced at K?98 (see Oct. 1998 IMM, p. 121), the new multitier GLC 2K increases the number of zones of modular control from 12 to 36. The multi-tier unit still offers the same features as the single-tier, such as icons on the operator interface to identify control functions, process values, and alarm status; a quick-glance LED array on the front panel; RS-232 or RS-485 interface for digital communication capabilities; Euromap 17 communications protocol capable of communicating with other equipment or a plantwide monitoring system; simple field selection capabilities for Type J or K thermocouple; and internal, programmable security levels. It also has a compact footprint of 21 by 21 by 28 inches (553 by 553 by 708 mm).

The simple design features one circuit breaker, one alarm output, and one communications port. The tiers pull out like drawers for easy access to modules. The system has been designed to work with hot runner systems operating with 15 or 30A heaters, as well as low-voltage hot runners operating at 24V. According to the manufacturer, it is as close to an off-the-shelf hot runner temperature control system as possible, but also can be customized to individual applications. It costs $19,500.

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