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May 1, 2004

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Hot runner manifold systems reduce setup and cycle time

In a recent test on an Opti-flo hot runner system equipped with MeltFlipper technology from Beaumont Technologies Inc., new process parameters were established in a fraction of the time normally spent in developing a steady-state condition. Most multiple-cavity systems require fine-tuning of nozzle temperatures to achieve balanced filling, which may require several hours. The material processed in the experiment was nylon, and an industry-standard 16-drop hot runner system was used. The temperature setpoint variation was between 580 to 680F in order to achieve a balanced filling condition. Using the Opti-flo system, all nozzle temperatures were set at 635F and a balanced fill condition was achieved without fine tuning the temperatures. Mold cooling is required to compensate for the highest material temperature. In this comparison, material was processed at a nozzle temperature of 680F in the standard system, compared to 635F in the Opti-flo system.

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