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Hot runner system for optical components

August 23, 2008

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Hot runner system for optical components

To overcome the temperature sensitivities of optical materials like PC, PMMA, and cycloolefin copolymers, a new hot runner system eliminates local overheating of material and long residence times. The Rheo-Pro hot runner system creates uniform temperature distribution in the manifold and nozzles that reduces the chances of material degradation and black spots without using overly slow injection speeds or temperatures. The hot runner components feature large cross sections, soft-deflection geometries, and broad gates to minimize shear. Flow paths are shortened to reduce residence time, and simulation modeling is used to match a resin to the process. Molders can opt for pneumatic or hydraulic actuated cylinders for the valve gates, and a cooling system is used to lower seal wear and allow adjustments without tearing down the tool.

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