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Keep an eye on machines with pagers

August 23, 2008

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Keep an eye on machines with pagers

Imagine your pager goes off at work, but it?s not a personal call. It?s your molding machine, telling you there is a problem in the process. That?s basically what the new Smart Beeper paging system does. Used in conjunction with Hunkar Laboratories? new Source 1.3 and Maintenance Wizard software (see March 1999 IMM, p. 142), the system notifies specified individuals or groups when a machine goes down, for instance. It provides specific information on the alpha-numeric pager itself, such as machine number, date, time, and the occurring problem. When used with the Maintenance Wizard, the software signals when a parameter change has been detected, so potential problems can be prevented.

The system uses a 4W transmitter inside the plant to reach a radius of about two to three miles. It can also be dialed into an outside paging network by connecting to a modem. The system costs $8200 and includes the hardware and software, transmitter (and accompanying FCC license), and one beeper. Additional beepers are around $250 each.

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