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Laser robot features beam guidanceLaser robot features beam guidance

August 23, 2008

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Laser robot features beam guidance

The RV16L five-axis articulated-arm robot from Reis Robotics features integrated beam guidance through a robot arm that uses a CO2 laser unit. From its mounted position on axis three, the beam is guided by mirrors and a beam-shifting element to the robot?s head axis, where it enters the cutting optics. This allows short beam paths, process-safe beam guidance, a wide movement range, and easy access to components. The RV16L has a 2300-mm reach (without cutting optics). A smaller model, the RV16, has a work radius of 1414 mm. The RV16 has a 100W laser standard, while the RV16L can be set up with lasers ranging from 200 to 600W. All peripherals and a CANbus-based controller needed for integration into a production cell are provided.

It also features 8000 programmable points, spline interpolation, and macro programming. In its teach-in mode, a mouse can be used to control the robot. RobAssist supports programming with preprogrammed menus. There are 320 binary and 24 analog inputs and outputs. Interfaces for large scanners and search sensors are also available.

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