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Laser tracker services available

Amie Chitwood

December 4, 2008

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Laser tracker services available

A complementary measuring tool, laser tracker services, has been added to the menu of services offered by GKS Inspection Services (Detroit, MI). Laser trackers perform discrete 3D measurements with a high degree of precision and speed. They’re able to capture and interpret 3D shapes in any coordinate system and can measure vertically and horizontally over a range of up to 230 ft. The system’s software then automatically recognizes and precisely interprets the data—projects within a 20-ft distance reportedly can obtain accuracies of 17 µm.

The laser tracker uses a laser distance meter and two rotating axes to track the exact position of a mirrored spherical probe that is guided along the object to be measured. High-accuracy encoders measure the horizontal and vertical angles while state-of-the-art laser technology determines the distance from the tracker head to the sphere. Using Computer Aided Measurement (CAM2) software, the object’s precise 3D coordinates can be digitally captured.

“For coordinate measurement, quality control, measurement of complex shapes and surfaces, or reverse engineering, GKS laser tracker services are perfect,” says a company spokesperson. “GKS engineers have experience using the laser tracking tool in many industrial applications, an advantage to our customers in time saved, accuracies increased, and expense reduced, plus we always guarantee the results.”

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