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Rob Neilley Editor in ChiefInjection Molding Magazine

Rob Neilley

March 13, 2009

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Meet the Editor - IMM


Rob Neilley

Rob Neilley
Editor in Chief
Injection Molding Magazine

When I was recruited more than three decades ago (wow!) to do PR work for GE Plastics (now Sabic Innovative Plastics), I had no clue I would get absolutely hooked on something I never even thought about before. The plastics business, particularly molding and moldmaking, has held my attention since then with ease. Besides the intricate interplay of chemistry, physics, metallurgy, sensors, and other technologies, there are the talented people who make that technology productive. They are nothing short of amazing, and as editor of IMM, it's my privilege to serve them. Presumably, that includes you, so thanks for the opportunity.

Today our business is navigating uncharted, turbulent waters. Change is never easy; however, the scale and extent of the ongoing global realignment of just about everything, molding included, is unprecedented. That's why our team at IMM is working hard to bring you not just "the news," but also the information you can use right now to deal with changes, and maybe even stay a bit ahead of them. That's always been our focus. It's more important now than ever.

I have a strong personal interest in what is called "the big picture" and how it impacts us. That's why politics, economics, trade, and similar issues appear in the Setup column I write in our monthly print magazine, as well as in the blogs. We are part of a world that's in a massive state of flux. Of course that impacts us. Heck, I think about it when I'm walking my dog.

Is there something you'd like us to look into or check out? We'd like to hear about it. The best way to reach me, and I hope you will, is at [email protected].

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