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May 1, 2000

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What's Hot! New machine control technologies for injection molding machines, blow molding machines and materials handling robots will be exhibited via live demonstrations and static displays.

Using an 'injection molding technology demonstrator,' Moog will compare three control solutions for the closed-loop injection process: servo-pump, variable-speed pump and intelligent manifold with servo-proportional valve. Plots of real-time data throughout an injection cycle will be displayed, and position and pressure signals from all three solutions will be overlaid to compare and contrast the three technologies.

In these demonstrations, Moog says it will show:

* How fixed-speed, variable-displacement servo-pump technology provides cylinder position and pressure control directly from the pump, offering a more cost-effective solution by lowering installation costs and reducing energy consumption;

* How variable-speed, fixed-displacement pump technology (an alternative to servo-pump technology using a gear pump, Moog's brushless motors and its T200 programmable servo drive) offers high-performance velocity and pressure control, while reducing energy consumption and noise levels; and

* How the intelligent manifold (an injection manifold with an embedded motion controller) creates specific axis functions, demonstrated by closed-loop velocity and pressure injection axis control. This technology is said to eliminate the need for OEMs to assemble and test hydraulic solutions on the machine at the component level.

Other new technologies will include:

* A new motion control valve features a device network interface and built-in single-axis controller for reduced system costs and improved diagnostics and performance.

* The Mirai injection molding machine controller now incorporates new software algorithms that constantly monitor and adjust for molding condition. Fuzzy V/P logic automatically sets and adjusts the switching of the V/P point.

* The D680 Series servo-proportional valve features a two-stage construction with a Mini-DDV pilot stage. Because of the Mini-DDV, the valve dynamic performance is nearly independent of system pressure.

* The L180 compact digital servo drive is said to offer simplified installation and wiring. Its digital PID control loops and advanced signal processing algorithms are said to provide high motor dynamics and smooth low-speed response.

* G330 Series brushless servo motors are said to deliver high-dynamic servo performance for higher-duty cycle applications. Units come in three frame sizes with two stack lengths per motor.

* The ParCon parison programmer can be retrofit on existing blow molding machines to ensure accurate wall thickness distribution. Circle 161

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