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Sometimes you find some of the most interesting stories by simply walking a show floor. Case in point, at the recently concluded PLASTEC West event in Anaheim where Moulds Plus International had a bit of news to share.

Heather Caliendo

February 19, 2014

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New interlocking PVC floor covering launched in the U.S.

event in Anaheim where Moulds Plus International had a bit of news to share.

exelia-benefits-pvc-seamless-tiles_1_0.jpgFresh off of introducing its new floor covering at the Surfaces 2014 exhibition in Las Vegas to the U.S. market, Moulds Plus International presented the patented product at PLASTEC West. Exelia is a PVC floor covering that features a "hidden" interlocking system with a "special" lock-in technology and well as heavy-duty properties.

Graziano Pestarino, president of Moulds Plus International, told PlasticsToday that patented Exelia was launched in Europe in 2013.

"We expect it to do very well in the U.S. - no product like Exelia is currently present in the U.S. market and that makes Exelia the perfect solution as an alternative for costly Epoxy floor covering," he said. "We also see opportunity for it to be exported to Mexico."

Exelia is designed for fit for use in schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, laboratories, clean rooms, industrial, office spaces and more.

Exelia combines the 19" 1/2 x 19" 1/2 tiles and the fully interchangeable 9" x 9" tile with a full spectrum of colors for a reportedly "endless design possibilities." Exelia can be installed inmanufacturing-industrial-flooring-tiles_0.jpgan "in line" or "offset" position, and with the 9" x 9" module it is possible to create lanes and working/playing zones.

"The tile will not fade in color or turn brittle with time. It is consistent throughout with no significant change in characteristics," Pestarino said. 

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