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Nylon grades offer dimensional stability under hood

August 23, 2008

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Nylon grades offer dimensional stability under hood

Two reinforced nylon compounds, specifically developed for OEM engine covers, meet the rigorous demands of an underhood environment, including heat resistance, strength, rigidity, dimensional stability, impact resistance, resistance to oils and greases, and good surface aesthetics. These compounds, developed by Michael Day Enterprises Inc., are also suitable for a variety of decorative processes currently used to produce covers in a wide range of colors and surface finishes either through precolored compounds or secondary operations such as painting or hot stamping.

N60MAF40 uses a combination of mineral reinforcement in nylon 6 to provide dimensional stability and eliminate warpage problems resulting from postmolding operations. The list price ranges from $1.40 to $1.45/lb for truckload quantities.

The second grade, currently in the prototype evaluation phase, is a metallic-looking nylon that eliminates the painting step for high-metallic-finish engine covers. It can be added to any of the nylons in the four-grade series, including N60MAF40.

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