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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-11128

What's Hot! New Ultraluminum band and strip heaters have a thin ceramic mat embedded in an extruded aluminum channel for full width heat. Watt densities are to 45 w/ sq in. Operating temperatures range to 850 F. The units are said to provide quick response and uniform heat and can be customized with holes and cutouts. They are only 7/16 in. thick.

Existing Products On Display will include ceramic and mica band heaters, strip and cartridge heaters, cast aluminum and bronze heaters, air-cooled ceramic heater assemblies with built-in blowers, radiant heater panels, temperature controllers and thermocouples. Circle 347

Booth Personnel Tony Gaudio, Enrique Hernan, Jay Prakash

Key Contact Tony Gaudio, Chief Eng. ­ Tel: 631-588-8820; Fax: 631-588-8953;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.omegaheater.com 

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