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One of world?s smallest metal separators

August 23, 2008

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One of world?s smallest metal separators

A new, all-metal separator, the Mes-Compact, is being called the world?s smallest separator by the manufacturer, available with heights starting at 194 mm. With passage openings from 30 to 70 mm, it detects metal particles as small as .3 mm. The Mes-Compact is flanged directly to the input opening of injection molding machines, thus protecting the raw material up to the last possible chance for contamination. It detects all magnetic and nonmagnetic metal impurities in the granulate and separates them out without interrupting the supply.

The unit uses a patented separation process in which the contaminated material column is sucked off with a venturi nozzle, operating without wear and reducing material losses. An air cooler is standard and ensures thermal stability up to 160C. In addition, the material passage channel is easily accessible for cleaning and inspection. The Mes-Compact starts at about $4000 and goes up slightly depending on size.

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