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Pad Printer Needs Only One Nesting Fixture;Print Heads Are Indexed

October 1, 2000

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Pad Printer Needs Only One Nesting Fixture;Print Heads Are Indexed

Pad Printer Needs Only One Nesting Fixture;Print Heads Are Indexed

pn6.jpgThe microPrint 5 STAR is a Swiss-built programmable servo-driven pad printing machine for decorating with up to five colors. Marketed in the U.S. by Deco Technology Group, this machine requires only one nesting fixture; the five print heads are indexed, as opposed to rotating multiple parts around a rotary indexing table. The machine is capable of printing up to 2100 parts/hr using one color.

The unit features programmable tape pad cleaning and a programmable touchscreen interface with a Siemens PLC. Operators can independently program pad-to-plate strokes, pad-to-part strokes, time delays in either ink pick-up or print stroke and multiple hits at every print station.

Because the 5 STAR is servo-driven, it can also be programmed to reciprocate between two adjacent print stations, allowing for higher speed 2-color printing with automatic pad tape cleaning. In order to do this, it requires an optional second tape pad cleaning station (shown on right side of machine in photo above).

Another option is the Viscomatic, an automatic ink viscosity control package that monitors and adjusts the ink's viscosity inside the closed cups, by sending viscosity information (torque) to the PLC. The Viscomatic is said to eliminate operator intervention and downtime by adding ink thinner any time the viscosity of the ink falls below a pre-set value.

The 5 STAR can run either 86- or 120-mm closed ink cups. No tools are needed for change-over. Unit also has an interlocked enclosure for safety. The machine measures 39-3/8 x 35-3/4 x 61-1/2 in. and weighs 705 lb.

Because the 5 STAR comes in many configurations, the company asks that you contact them directly for pricing information. Use the Key Contact Directory on p 40.

Deco Technology Group, Inc.
Orange, CA 

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