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Palletizing robotsPalletizing robots

August 23, 2008

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Palletizing robots

Made in part from a carbon fiber composite material to provide stiffness while keeping the robot arm light, Kuka has introduced the KR 100-2 PA palletizing robot. Designed for high-speed, medium-payload palletizing and handling tasks up to 100 kg, the robot is said to reach stacking heights of up to 3000 mm at rates as fast as 600 palletizing cycles/hr. The small footprint and high vertical reach provide flexibility with a minimum space requirement. The robot uses Kuka?s PalletTech palletizing software, which is said to reduce commissioning and setup times as well as creation of new pallet patterns.?KH

Kuka Robotics Corp.
Clinton Township, MI
(248) 873-5852
www.kukarobotics.comMarch 2005

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