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PEEK into wear resistance

Wear-resistant grades of KetaSpire polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and AvaSpire modified PEEK resins are now available from supplier Solvay Advanced Polymers LLC (Alpharetta, GA).

IMM Staff

February 3, 2010

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PEEK into wear resistance

(Alpharetta, GA). Targeting substitution of complex metal-based designs with rolling components for high-temperature friction and wear applications in lubricated and non-lubricated environments, the five formulations are anticipating use in seal rings, thrust washers, brake components, gears, and needle bearing replacements for the automotive, industrial, and heavy-duty equipment industries.

KetaSpire PEEK boasts a heat deflection temperature up to 315°C. In this product family, KT-820 SL30 is a graphite/carbon-fiber/PTFE-filled grade for non-lubricated and lubricated applications. In non-lubricated environments, it features a limiting PV value (contact pressure times velocity) of 75,000 psi x fpm and exceptional ease of processing, according to Brian Stern, senior global automotive market manager for Solvay Advanced Polymers. The line also includes KT-820 SL45, a carbon-fiber/PTFE grade for lubricated environments.

The AvaSpire line includes AV-755 SL45, a carbon-fiber/graphite-filled grade for high load-bearing applications in lubricated environments. Two carbon-fiber/graphite/PTFE-filled grades include AV-742 SL30 (high melt flow) and AV-722 SL30 (low melt flow) for both non-lubricated and lubricated environments. AvaSpire grades claim comparable strength and modulus, and equivalent or better chemical resistance vs. comparable PEEK grades at up to a 30% cost reduction. —[email protected]

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