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Plant monitoring software speeds up, adds featuresPlant monitoring software speeds up, adds features

August 23, 2008

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Plant monitoring software speeds up, adds features

DartVision plantwide monitoring software is now available in a Phlat-File version, which compresses data 10 times more than previous versions of DartVision, allowing fast processing of large volumes of data. Version 4.0 is faster, uses less disk space, and provides users with increased data control while allowing them to access the data freely.

Users can collect cycle profiles for every cycle from every sensor and machine on the network without taxing storage resources. The data can be broken down many ways, allowing for flexibility in data analysis and archiving. This allows users to choose how much data is viewable online at any time. Version 4.0's other new features include the Data Analyzer, which works in conjunction with the Phlat-File data structure to provide a visual representation of all stored data for a specific tool, even if it's over a year's time. Users can graphically select a time frame for postanalysis, and the Analyzer will immediately load all requested trend data cycle by cycle. With additional memory installed, up to 7000 points for each parameter can be displayed (3000 more points than previously possible), allowing users to see changes over a longer time period. Users can pick any shot from the trend curve and view its associated cycle profiles. Data replay may even be started at a chosen shot to simulate a running machine or for detecting profile shape changes.A new feature for viewing mold documents, drawings, and photos allows users to save and see more process and part information, such as quality procedures, specifications, troubleshooting tips for specific molds, and finished-part characteristics. This new feature may be used to log ISO 9000 alarm response items in conjunction with the pre- and postalarm feature, saving a user-specified number of cycles before an alarm, after an alarm, or both for later review and analysis. Other features include cycle profile templates with custom names and descriptions, multilevel passwords for security, and an open interface. The DartVision 4.0 costs about $3000 to $8000 per machine, depending on the number of channels to be monitored and other variables.RJG Technologies Inc.
Traverse City, MI

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