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October 1, 2001

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Pneumatic Hand Pump Generates Pressure For A Variety Of Instruments

October, 2001


Pneumatic Hand PumpGenerates Pressure For AVariety Of Instruments

1001pn-2.jpgA hand-held portable pump from TTI is designed to generate pressure with standard fine-tuning adjustments and press relief valves. They are said to be ideal for use with electronic calibrators, digital indicators, analog gages, pressure transmitters, transducers, relief valves and similar instrumentation.

The TP1 pump generates pressure to 360 psi, or vacuum to 25 in. of mercury on the same unit. Pumps can be purchased independently or in a kit that includes carrying case, NPT adapters, seals and hoses. Prices start at $395.

TTI, Inc.
Williston, VT Circle 105

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