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Product News - Air-Cooled Portable Chillers Come In Five Sizes

December 1, 1998

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Product News - Air-Cooled Portable Chillers Come In Five Sizes

Air-Cooled Portable Chillers Come In Five Sizes

pn10-1298.jpgThe AF Series of air-cooled, portable chillers is designed to 'provide precise process temperature control for those applications that are critical to increased process efficiency, but do not justify the cost of an expensive chiller system.'

Accuracy to within 2 F of the set point is maintained with a solid-state plug-in style unit with large, digital readouts. LED indicators show various staging conditions and automatic temperature tracking simplifies the setting, requiring operators to make only a single change for temperature adjustments.

The 25-gal, stainless steel storage tank is insulated, as are the process plumbing and applicable refrigeration lines so the units are economical to operate. The tank houses a high-efficiency coil-in-coil evaporator, which is said not only to help minimize the space requirements but to also assist in maintaining the proper level of process cooling water.

Anti-freeze solution is required when the controlled temperature is 45 F or below and is always recommended irrespective of the operating process temperature.

The units are designed with a heavy-duty, hermetic industrial compressor with high-low safety pressure controls and copper is used throughout the system.

Other features: 12 sq ft footprint, dual-phase fan motors and stainless steel screened panels for maximum airflow. 

Five models are available with nominal tonnages of 3, 5, 7.5, 10 and 12. Capacities (btu/hr @ 45 F leaving water temperature and 95 F ambient air temperature) range from 37,750 to 133,000. Prices for the 5-ton unit start at under $10,000.

Capitol Temptrol Inc.
Centerbrook, CT

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