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March 1, 1999

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Product News - Direct-Drive Conveyors Have New Leg Sets, Streamlined Frame

Direct-Drive Conveyors Have New Leg Sets,

Streamlined Frame

pn-0coverwopath.jpgEMI has introduced a new line of conveyors, making a number of design and operation changes to its existing models. The three major changes include a direct drive power train, a streamlined frame design and new leg sets.

The DD line of conveyors comes in two types: DDF (direct drive flat) and DDC (direct drive cleated).

The direct-drive power train is said to provide the following benefits:

  • Less maintenance. The direct-drive motor and reducer attach directly to the drive shaft, eliminating the need for chain, sprockets and chain cover.

  • Adjustability. The motor and reducer are mounted on a turnbuckle style reaction rod. A simple adjustment allows the motor and reducer to be kept level when the incline angle of the conveyor is adjusted.

  • Safety. Because there is no chain, there can be no chain-related accidents.

  • Serviceability. The direct-drive mechanism is easy to get to.

  • Space savings. Because the chain and chain guard are eliminated, the unit occupies less space.

  • Versatility. A direct-drive motor and reducer can be mounted in any of the four corners of a conveyor and can be configured to either push or pull.

The new frame design features easy-to-clean exterior surfaces with no exterior lip to collect dirt or dust. The end section has been redesigned to simplify routine maintenance by providing easy access to the drive pulley and bearings. Underneath, the bottom slide tray has been eliminated to help keep belts as clean as possible.

The telescoping leg sets allow height adjustments at 1-in. increments via the repositioning of one or two self-locking pins. Although most adjustments are 'tool-less,' major adjustments may require basic tools.

To further extend flexibility, the legs can be repositioned either inside the frame (for tight fits under or along-side the press) or outside the frame (for greater height adjustment). Casters are also included.

Standard speed options are 20, 40 and 80 ft/min. Frame sides are made of 12-gage steel, top slide beds are made of 16-gage steel. Prices range from around $1680 for a 3-ft conveyor with 6-in. flat belt to around $5000 for a 20-ft conveyor with 36-in. cleated belt.

Wickcliffe, OH

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