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Product News - Feeder News: Digital Weighing Device Upgraded; Loader/FeederIntegrated

March 1, 1999

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Product News - Feeder News: Digital Weighing Device Upgraded; Loader/FeederIntegrated

Feeder News: Digital Weighing Device Upgraded; Loader/Feeder Integrated

pn-3.jpgK-Tron has introduced an upgraded version of its digital weighing device, as well as a new integrated package, which includes its modular volumetric feeder with a Hurricane loader (K-Tron acquired the Hurricane line in 1997).

Upgraded transducer The Smart Force Transducer II (SFT II) is an upgraded version of the manufacturer's digital weighing device. It is said to improve feeding precision in difficult plastics processes.

Unit has improved on-board digital filtering of plant vibration, fast measurement speed and the ability to acquire 100% of all weight data. Analog weight sensors require A to D conversion of their output signal, using periodic sampling that misses some weight data.

The SFT II senses weight directly in digital format and registers weight changes continuously without interruption to the process.

pn-3.jpgFor compounding applications, unit is used by the manufacturer's K2G SmartFlow feeding system to allow for precision feeding right above the extruder throat eliminating the need for mixing. In addition, the SFT II enables the K2G SmartFlow feed system to provide consistent blend accuracy for end product extrusion applications like wire and cable coating.

The manufacturer says the  new transducer does not add to the price of the K2G SmartFlow feeding system, and adds that it is doing a lot of retrofitting on systems in the field.

Integrated loader/feeder The K2-Volumetric feeder has been integrated with the Hurricane filterless hopper loader for injection molders. The K2 is said to offer high accuracy through its Digi-Drive digital control and Powersphere design. The company says it conducted tests that show that the Powersphere improves mass flow and screw fill for consisting feeding.

The Digi-Drive microprocessor controller has 'pulse width modulation' which is said to provide control accuracy within ± 1 rpm. It also has a large LED and keypad so operators can enter and monitor feeder output in user-selectable engineering units. Closed-loop motor control and programmable alarms indicate no-flow or screw blockage.

The Hurricane hopper loader is said to integrate easily with the modular K2 and also reduces headroom needs, as well as maintenance and operating costs. Systems start at around $8000.

K-Tron America
Pitman, NJ

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