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Product News - Hot Runner News: Fast Systems And New Nozzle Tip/Insulator

December 1, 1999

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Product News - Hot Runner News: Fast Systems And New Nozzle Tip/Insulator

Hot Runner News: Fast Systems And New Nozzle Tip/Insulator

Husky has introduced a range of 2- and 4-drop hot runner systems that can be delivered in four weeks, as well as a new nozzle tip and insulator for its 750 Series hot runners.

PN 4-12/99Hot runners, Pronto! Need a hot runner system in a month? Husky is offering a range of 2- and 4-drop hot runner systems designed to match standard plate sizes for D-M-E and National Tool & Manufacturing mold bases. The Pronto systems are said to provide  almost unlimited nozzle pitch spacing; customers can choose from two nozzles for hot tip, two for valve gating and one for thermal sprue gating.

Within a defined pitch zone, mold designers can choose almost any nozzle pitch spacing to fit gating and capacity spacing requirements. Designers can also choose from:

* 40 standardized plate sizes

* Nine standard nozzle lengths (eight for thermal sprue gating)

* Several choices for electrical connectors located at the top of the mold with a flexible wiring sequence

* Optional taps for a 1/4-in. insulator board

* Three different locating rings

* 1/2-in., 3/4-in., 15.5-mm or 40-mm spherical radius sprue bushing interfaces

Because of this, engineering and manufacturing turn-around has been reduced to achieve a four-week delivery.

Standard features include stainless steel plates and predetermined locations for interface taps (mold designers can then choose a minimum number of screws in the mold design). On plates up to 17-7/8 x 20 in., the guide pins are 3/4-in. and are located such that they will not interfere with mold leader pins or return pins. Mold designers can use two diagonally opposite pins or use all four. On larger plates, a 1-in. guide pin is used.

D-M-E JP352 air fittings on the non-operator side of the mold, and water fitting on the bottom of the mold are also standard.

Husky also says that this design automation has allowed pricing of the hot halves at 20% below custom systems. Circle 108

PN 5-12/99Nozzle tip/insulator is said to increase the abrasion resistance of the tip (up to 8 times) and to allow the nozzle to operate at elevated temperatures (up to 750 F).

The BeCu nozzle tip has a small carbide insert in the area of highest velocity where abrasion is greatest. The combination of the two materials takes advantage of carbide's wear resistance (10 times that of BeCu) for extended tip life and BeCu's thermal conductivity (2 times that of carbide) for enhanced heat transfer to the gate.

The high-temperature polyimide/ titanium insulator provides thermal insulation between the nozzle tip and the gate steel, which is said to facilitate faster color changes by reducing the amount of plastic in the gate area. The polyimide provides a resilient seal and better thermal isolation to the gate steel, while titanium handles the heat of the nozzle tip.

A retaining clip on the insulator's base prevents it from sticking in the gate insert or from falling off the nozzle during maintenance. Husky says these new features are available on the 750 Series hot tip nozzles at no additional charge to the customer. 

Husky Injection MoldingSystems Inc.
Milton, VT 

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