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February 1, 1999

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Product News - Small Ionization Bar Eliminates Spot Charges

Small Ionization Bar

Eliminates Spot Charges

pn92-99.jpgThe Power-Square EI-PS ionization bar measures 0.55 by 0.65 in. and is said to have an operational effectiveness that outperforms ionization units with comparable dimensions.

The shockless device is designed to eliminate spot charges by neutralizing them without contact. It does this through symmetrical ion emission, which results in positive and negative ions approaching the load carrier uniformly.

Safe electrical operation is ensured with the manufacturer's gas-tight Haug System X-2000 technology, which uses a shielded coaxial cable to connect the power pack and the ionization bar. Shielded moun  ting screws are said to prevent disturbance of both the internal and external field between the corona and the counter-electrode.

Prices depend on the length of the bar and the cable. A 12-in. bar with 6 ft of cable is priced at $235.

Haug North America
Mississauga, Ontario

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