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Programmable CNC lubricant nozzle

Amie Chitwood

November 24, 2008

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Programmable CNC lubricant nozzle

When using ITW Rocol’s (Glenview, IL) SpiderCool MQL nozzle with Accu-Lube lubricant, a concentrated spray pattern of lubricant can be accurately applied onto a cutting tool up to 6 inches away. The nozzle of the MQL can be aimed at the cutting edge of multiple tools of varying lengths without operator intervention after the nozzle positions are set and memorized by using the servo adjustment knob on the machine’s control panel. The SpiderCool system atomizes lubricant within the nozzle ­assembly, and the microdroplets are then directed through an ­extended nozzle tube. An integrated laser and specially designed tip then allows the operator to direct the nearly invisible stream of lubricant to the cutting edge.

This system is said to offer advantages of near-dry machining, including elimination of coolant disposal, corrosion-free ­machines, increased tool life, improved cycle time, and improved operator safety. Rocol estimates a return on investment of only a few months on a single-shift application.

ITW Rocol North America

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