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October 1, 2000

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Rapid Prototyping Enters The Office Environment

Rapid Prototyping Enters The Office Environment

pn3.jpgThe Prodigy is Stratasys' answer to rapid prototyping in a networked office environment. 'Office modeling' is said to combine the ease, speed and simplicity of 3D printing with the benefit of part durability.

Prodigy is based on the firm's core technology, Fused Deposition Modeling. Features include X-Y-Z motion control and Catalyst processing software with a 'drag and drop' function that allows STL files to be brought into Catalyst forautomatic processing. In addition, users can select fine, standard or draft layer thicknesses based on the need forfeature detail and surface smoothness.

Prodigy is designed to fill the void between 3D printing and precision prototyping from both a performance and price standpoint, according to Mary Stanley, Product Manager. "Because ABS models arepn4.jpg strong, parts can be finished, assembled, tested and even cast," she says. "And designers can produce parts when they need and want them, from their offices." Prices start at $66,500.

The system measures 34 x 27 x 41 in. and has a build envelope of 8 x 8 x 12 in. Stanley adds that it is quiet, safe and does not require special venting. All materials used are non-toxic.

Stratasys Inc.
Eden Prairie, MN

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