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August 23, 2008

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Recent certifications

* The Uniprene 7010 Series of thermoplastic vulcanizate compounds from Teknor Apex have been approved for potable water applications in accordance with NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Standard 61. With this approval, the compounds may now be used in such products as faucets, drinking fountains, and other potable fluid devices. www.teknorapex.com

* Six grades from GLS Corp.?s Dynaflex series of TPE have gained NSF certification. G7940-9001-02, G7950-9001-02, G2711-1000-00, and G2755-1000-00 have been certified to Standard 61 for use in products to be in contact with potable water. Also, the G7950-9001-02, G7960-9001-02, and G2782 grades have been certified to Standard 51 for plastic materials and components used in food equipment. Applications include gaskets, seals, and connectors for appliances and plumbing products, as well as components for commercial food service equipment such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and other large appliances. www.glscorp.com

* Seven impact-modified acrylic molding compounds from Cyro Industries have been approved for food contact under 21CFR177.1010. The compounds are Acrylite Plus ZK-6, ZK-M, ZK-P, ZK-X, ZK-V, ZK-D, and ZK-F. The approval includes hot-filled or pasteurized applications at about 150F for all food types, except those containing more than 8 percent alcohol. www.cyro.com

* A glass-filled nylon 6/6 compound from
RTP, 205 FR, has obtained UL yellow card
listing. This includes an all-color flame rating of V-0 at extremely thin sections of .019 inch, or .48 mm. The compound contains 30 percent glass fiber for applications that require a combination of flame retardance and strength. www.rtpcompany.com

* Certain lines of Nexprene, a series of fully vulcanized EPDM/PP thermoplastic elastomers from Thermoplastic Rubber Systems Inc., have achieved a USP Class VI certificate of compliance for medical products. Other lines comply with FDA regulations for use in products in nonfatty, nonoily food and potable water applications. www.trstpe.com

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