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Secondary finishing: Oven cures film?s coating

November 1, 2007

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Secondary finishing: Oven cures film?s coating

This electrically heated, 250ºF (120ºC) two-zone belt conveyor oven is used to cure a coating onto plastic sheet at one of this firm’s customers. Workspace dimensions measure 48 inches wide by 50 inches deep by 15 inches high. A conveyor belt carries sheet through the oven at variable speeds between 1 and 20 ft/min. The oven is split into two sections for shipment and reassembly at the customer’s location. Side access doors to the workload and heating chambers are located along the entire length of the unit. Grieve Corp., Round Lake, IL, U.S.A.; +1 847-546-8225; www.grievecorp.com.

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