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Sensors monitor coolant temperature and flow

August 23, 2008

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Sensors monitor coolant temperature and flow

NP_Reps1_ac.gifUsing self-tuning sensors, a new flow- and temperature-monitoring system filters out background noise from contaminated mold cooling water to track the flow and temperature of cooling channels in tools. The TFS manifolds incorporate electronic temperature and flow sensing, while the FS Flow Sensor focuses on flow. A Flow Parameter Monitor can individually track one of up to eight cooling circuits on each mold half.The systems are retrofittable to existing mold cells, and a distributed intelligence system has a display module that acts as a base station and intelligent-sensor input modules. High- and low-temperature alarms can be set, and additional built-in features include automatic purging, external alarm, and quality control output.The base station can be linked to remote sensing units, which can track up to 16 zones apiece. Multiple units can be daisy-chained to provide up to 96 zones for temperature and flow.

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