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Software adds shape morphing, enhanced reverse engineering

August 23, 2008

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Software adds shape morphing, enhanced reverse engineering

VX Corp. released Version 10 of its CAD/CAM software, which features enhanced speed of execution and added functionality for model morphing, reverse engineering, and 2-D layout. VX built hybrid modeling and integrated two- to five-axis CAM on the VX kernel to avoid possible problems using an OEM kernel or bolting on third-party products. New shape deformation commands allow users to drag, pull, and warp model geometry with tools that provide symmetry and dimensional precision. A new toolbar includes point cloud manipulation such as grouping, thinning, sectioning, and surfacing. Point blocks can be used to define tessellated face geometry before being taken straight into CAM for CNC machining. Point data files from a variety of devices can be quickly imported.

Tools for 2-D drawing include a ?bend section view? feature with which users can define complex cross-sections. Assembly components can be given a ?do not section? attribute so that they are not cut or auto-hatched in section views. In addition to the ability to import neutral data files like STEP and IGES, Version 10 adds automatic hole feature recognition and enhances duplicate face filtering. If draft angles on imported geometry need to be modified, VX will recompute fillet faces that surround the drafted faces.

Version 10 has a built-in parts library and includes optional third party libraries. A new dedicated draft/undercuts analysis tool is offered as a separate function from all the other model/surface analysis functions. A new post-processor for two- to five-axis CNC milling includes a built-in library of machines. VX reports that large feature patterns (arrays) are now solved up to three times faster. Simulation of VX QuickMilling toolpaths have been sped up; test pieces that previously took 50 minutes to complete are said to now solve in less than 12 minutes.?KH

VX Corp., Palm Bay, FL
(321) 676-3222

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