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Software enhances CAM programming

August 23, 2008

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Software enhances CAM programming

Responding to the growing demand for high-speed machining, Mastercam Mill version 8 features a suite of high-speed toolpaths. One of the requirements of high-speed machining is the reduction of sharp angular moves to allow for continuous, smooth tool motion. Mastercam includes several methods for running standard toolpaths in high-speed format, as well as toolpaths developed specifically for high-speed machines. New features of the software include full toolpath/geometry associativity, enhanced surface and solid machining, and high-speed machining motion.

The program?s associativity reportedly simplifies programming and modification of all milling operations including pocketing, contouring, drilling, multisurface roughing and finishing, and multiaxis machining. Users can drag and drop parameters, toolpaths, and tool definitions from one operation to another, and create a library of common operations to apply to new models. The programmer chooses a set of saved operations, and Mastercam adapts the processes to the new model. Built-in translators include IGES, Parasolid SAT, DXF, VDA, CADL, STL, and ASCII. For an additional cost AutoCAD, STEP, Catia, and Pro/E translators are available. Pricing information was not available.

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