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Some perspective, with a dash of irony

That's the headline Frank von Haste gave his very interesting blog post that provides a nice counterweight to some of the anti-plastics hysteria pervading much of the mainstream media. Brief summary: museum conservators are faced with problems as the PVC film used in the 1950s to protect some 1200-year old paper documents is now degrading. Paper lasting 11 centuries is in danger because the plastic applied to it five decades ago is degrading. That's certainly a healthy dash of irony.

Matt Defosse

June 25, 2010

1 Min Read
Some perspective, with a dash of irony

Frank works at Novachem, a supplier of purging compounds. Not only is he an interesting blogger for his company, but his commute to work is pretty atypical: he commutes from his Virginia home to Novachem's Connecticut HQ via a small plane he pilots. 

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