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Temperature control system for smaller machinesTemperature control system for smaller machines

August 23, 2008

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Temperature control system for smaller machines

The Minitherm water temperature control system?s design and capacity are ideal for use with small-tonnage molding machines, according to the manufacturer. The unit reportedly offers precise control, economy, and safety with a small footprint. The Minitherm can operate at temperatures as high as 250F with capacities of 10 gpm and 2 or 4 kW. In addition to motor, heater, and transformer fusing, the Minitherm has noncorrosive components, individual copper heaters, and a microprocessor controller.
In terms of safety, the system satisfies the Society of the Plastics Industry?s guidelines for liquid circulating temperature control systems as well as the National Fire Protection Assn. electrical standards.
The unit starts at $1650.
Mokon Div., Protective Closures LLC, Buffalo, NY
(716) 876-9951

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