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Ticona offers low halogen PPS for E/E apps

Plastics supplier Ticona Engineering Polymers (with U.S. HQ in Florence, KY) now offers processors a new low-viscosity grade of Fortron PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) developed to help processors meet their customers’ demands for low-halogen materials. This next generation Fortron PPS gives designers and manufacturers a low-halogen ‘drop-in’ option for use in electrical and electronic components.

MPW Staff

January 23, 2009

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Ticona offers low halogen PPS for E/E apps

“The next generation Fortron PPS 1140LC6 is similar to our newly launched low-chlorine Fortron PPS 1140A66 but offers a lower viscosity, making it a suitable ‘drop–in’ exchange for use in existing molds, even in small parts,” said Ed Hallahan, marketing manager for Ticona’s Vectra LCP and Fortron PPS. “Fortron PPS 1140LC6 also meets the proposed industry standard by containing less than 900 parts per million of both bromine and chlorine, which enables it to compete against other PPS ‘in-kind’ low-halogen products as well as high-temperature V-0 nylons,” which he says struggle to meet the new environmental requirements. Fortron PPS resins satisfy the UL94 V-0 flammability rating without the addition of flame retardants, and can withstand soldering assembly at up to 270°C.—[email protected]

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