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August 23, 2008

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Tiny transducers

Said to be the world’s smallest cable-extension transducer, the M150 unit from Celesco (Chats-worth, CA) is approximately the size of a thumbprint. Celesco says its transducer is ideal for use in robotic, biomedical, and automotive testing applications. With an aluminum body measuring just 0.74 by 0.74 by 0.38 inch, the 0.014-inch-diameter nylon-coated stainless steel measuring cable has a range of 1.5 inches. Cable alignment isn’t required for effective use, so the fully retractable measuring cable offers a constant tension and the only -setup needed is attaching it to the object under motion.
The movement of the M150’s internal spring-loaded spool turns the potentiometer, which, when connected to a voltage source, produces a voltage directly proportional to the position of the measuring cable. The expected life is at least 5 million cycles, and the M150 comes with an extra leader cable and an eyelet kit, so users can terminate the measuring cable precisely at the required stroke position. —KD
Celesco Transducer Products Inc.

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