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Transducer simulator troubleshoots

August 23, 2008

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Transducer simulator troubleshoots

The Sensor Simulator is a handheld transducer simulator designed to check the operation of transducers, cables, and data-collecting devices. It can also be used to validate machine transfer setpoints and assist in ISO 9000 verification of the data acquisition hardware and software. The simulator has seven switch-selectable precision voltage outputs and includes a test cable. For troubleshooting, the simulator can be plugged into a system at various locations to isolate a problem. If the value displayed on the data-collection device matches the simulator, then the device is working correctly. Through the process of elimination, each transducer can be checked for proper operation against the known good bridge in the simulator. The unit works with the manufacturer?s DartScanner, DartPak, and other Dart data acquisition devices. Price has not yet been established.

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