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Two-week delivery for hot runner systems

August 23, 2008

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Two-week delivery for hot runner systems

Improving on the one-month delivery times for its Kona XP hot runner systems offered in 2004, Synventive Molding Solutions is now shipping most of these systems in just two weeks. The Kona Xpress program can ship systems in two weeks with I, T, X, H, YY, and HH manifold shapes; SR8, SR16, SR20, and SR24 ring-style nozzles; and flow channels up to 25 mm in diameter. Custom gate locations, variable nozzle lengths and nozzle bore diameters, and valve gate systems are also included.

Once a customer orders a Kona Xpress system, the general assembly (GA) drawing is produced by Synventive in one business day. After approval of the GA, Synventive will build, test, and ship the system within two weeks. Systems with threaded-style nozzles, prewired systems, and complete hot-half systems with mold plates are not available via the two-week delivery program.?KH

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March 2005

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