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Whether you’re molding consumer goods, medical devices, appliances, sporting goods, industrial hand tool components, packaging, personal care products, or caps and closures, two UV printer options can provide fast, full-color, and variable product marking and decorating, according to maker ITW Trans Tech (Carol Stream, IL).

IMM Staff

March 17, 2010

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UV printers decorate diverse substrates

“Depending on the printing system and product, processors may be able to uniquely mark 1000 pieces in the time it previously took to print one piece with traditional printing methods,” says Chris DeMell, technical sales manager for ITW Trans Tech. “This is only possible through the use of digital technology coupled with piezoelectric-based systems.” That technology is employed in the vendor’s InDecs UV Single Pass and InDecs UV Flatbed printers.

“This speed reduces a customer’s operating costs, but speed alone isn’t enough. The system is easy to learn with minimal training, is reliable, and creates markings that are durable and abrasion resistant. Having this equipment enables manufacturers and marketers to expand their capabilities into areas previously thought to be impossible,” notes DeMell.

The InDecs UV Single Pass printers reportedly provide high-speed, single-pass inkjet product decoration, using grayscale piezoelectric printheads. The system uses inline UV curing and high-performance UV inks for single-, spot-, or full-color decorating. It allows for variable print widths and provides excellent adhesion to plastics, says ITW. The UV Single Pass printers can print at speeds of 50 ft/min.

The InDecs UV Flatbed printer is an industrial system that features scanned image application. The system prints in process colors for virtually limitless color options as well as clear and white. It uses inline UV curing lamps for instant drying of the inks, which allows for immediate handling and packaging of parts—helpful for improving productivity. The printer features a large print area and throat depth for individual and multiple substrates as large as 44 inches by 52 inches and up to 10 inches in height.

InDecs Flatbed printers can be integrated with conveyor and robotic load systems. A QuickFit Tooling Tray System features interchangeable inserts, accommodating multiple parts while saving tooling costs and make-ready time.

“An initial investment in digital equipment can result in a quick return—often within months,” says DeMell. —[email protected]

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