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Web-exclusive New Product: Stop guessing at quotes

February 1, 2008

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Web-exclusive New Product: Stop guessing at quotes

If you're trying to eradicate wishful quoting that doesn't increase profitability, a new cost-estimating software package may aid your efforts. Called BobCost, it is the latest component of the BobCAD-CAM (Clearwater, FL) suite of manufacturing software, and features an intuitive interface that quickly calculates all manufacturing costs.

BobCost was developed in partnership with Micro Estimating Systems (MES), an industry leader in computerized estimating with more than 25 years of experience. According to Mike Holland, MES VP, the accuracy achieved with BobCost can increase profits and significantly reduce the risk of losing money on work quoted at the wrong price.

The software includes extensive libraries for materials, machine tools, contacts, labor, currency, and department databases, among others. Its formulas and built-in calculators are said to make the quoting process simple and fast. It can also be integrated seamlessly with almost all CAD/CAM products on the market.

Says Larry Pendleton, BobCAD-CAM executive director, “This tool has a competitive price that allows 'every shop in America,' small and large, to get started at a fraction of the cost of other systems.” As part of its introductory promotion, BobCost is available for $1495.


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