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xxxIMM's Benchmarking Report:First Quarter 2000Data Group 3 of 3xxxIMM's Benchmarking Report:First Quarter 2000Data Group 3 of 3

August 30, 2000

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xxxIMM's Benchmarking Report:First Quarter 2000Data Group 3 of 3

Welcometo the Benchmarking Report, now in its third year of existence.The data here are the product of many generous injection molderswho have volunteered to share production information. We've developeda strong core group of participating molders, but we are constantlylooking for more participants.

For those new to the Benchmarking Report, the project is simple.Several molders have volunteered to share their benchmarking datawith us each quarter. The information comes in two parts. Thefirst is the profile data (see table, opposite), which characterizesthe molders by press quantity, resin quantity processed, partsquantity, and revenue, among other measurements. The informationin the pies is the benchmarking data. We're measuring nine benchmarks:machine utilization, productive downtime, training per employee,mold change time, scheduled ship date on time, accident incidentrate, scrap as produced, customer returns, and employee turnover.Each month we present three of these nine benchmarks.

If you want to get involved, participation is easy. In returnfor your time and data each quarter, you get detailed reportson key production and market data for every participating molder.Anonymity is guaranteed. Contact us (see left) and we'll sendyou the information and forms you need to get started. There isno charge.

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