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Handling system moves resin over long distances

August 23, 2008

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Handling system moves resin over long distances

Molders can move large volumes of plastic pellets over long distances with the new Line Vac material loader. The system is compact, quiet, and virtually maintenance free as there are no moving parts. In operation, the Line Vac uses compressed air, which flows through an inlet into an annular plenum chamber. The air is then injected into the throat via directed nozzles. These air jets create a vacuum at the intake, which draws material in and accelerates it through the unit over long vertical or horizontal distances. Flow rate is controlled with a standard pressure regulator. Hoses and clamps are sold separately; stainless steel units and other types are available. Molders can order optional mounting brackets to secure the Line Vac. Diameters and costs follow: 1¼ inches, $102; 1½ inches, $123; and 2 inches, $145.
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