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CMT's inaugural NAPET (North America PET Markets, Trade, Recycling) conference will open in Los Angeles on Nov. 12-13 to discuss the competitiveness of the North America markets and opportunities for imported resin and preforms, specifically the market for virgin PET, rPET trends, the impact of China's green fence policy and much more.

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October 17, 2014

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NAPET Conference in LA to explore opportunities for imported resin and preforms

The November summit is all geared to bring together key authorities from the PET world such as David Swift, managing director of PCI (PET Packaging, Resin & Recycling). He's slated to answer the question: 'Will 2015 be a crisis year for PET producers?'. Dale Behm, managing director of Pacific Rim PET, will provide key insights on the 'History of PET and the current North America market for virgin PET.'

The 1.5 day summit also explores the rPET market trends via sessions such as: 'North America rPET markets' by Moore Recycling Associates, 'Energy efficient PET recycling systems with high quality food grade rPET' by Verdeco Recycling Inc., 'From rPET flake to thermoform packaging and clamshells' by Royal Inter Pack Co., Ltd. and 'Foodgrade rPET production, applications and usage' by Starlinger & Co. GmbH.

Meanwhile, Shaw Industries and Renew Merchandise will address rPET applications - 'Growing application of rPET in carpet and non-woven industry' and 'Overall market conditions for apparel & other products made from rPET' respectively.

Other key sessions include:

  • Processing undried PET into high quality end products with the innovative MRS extrusion technology - Gneuss

  • Bio-Paraxylene from cellulosic waste - Micromidas

  • Dumping duties, countervailing duties and GSP - How do they affect imports of PET. What is next? - Economic Consulting Services

  • Strategic sourcing of packaging raw materials, resin and bottle procurement for converters - Outrigger Strategy 

  • Innovative and sustainable PET packaging solutions: Thinking beyond the bottle - Amcor Rigid Plastics

  • A true alternative to glass - GEPACK

  • Building our PET business from strength to strength as a high quality producer: Capacity expansions in Canada and US - Selenis Canada

  • Role of China in the global PET trade and US market - GSI America

In addition, an optional site visit to Verdeco Recycling Facility has been arranged for November 13.

For more details click on the link to view: http://www.cmtevents.com/main.aspx?ev=141132&pu=257683

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