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March 1, 2007

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Resin crystallizer prevents clumping

APK Series resin crystallizers convert amorphous plastics into semicrystalline form, preparing the material for a subsequent drying sequence. The material is kept in motion with a horizontal agitator during the crystallization phase, which prevents clumping and promotes uniformity.

Maximum throughputs for the APK 50 model through the APK 600 model range from 160-1764 lb/hr, and the units use 460/3/60 operating power. The APK 1000 and APK 2000 models can be configured to meet specific processing conditions. All of the crystallizers are designed for 24-hour, continuous operations, and meet all CE requirements. The units have stainless steel contact surfaces and are equipped with an enlarged access door for easy cleaning.

The microprocessor control system has a special advanced startup sequence with a preprogrammed crystallization time. A safety temperature limiter on the heater shuts down the system if temperatures get too hot.

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