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Web-only ProductAlternative resin search engineWeb-only ProductAlternative resin search engine

September 1, 2004

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Web-only ProductAlternative resin search engine

The Alternative Resin Search tool helps replace higher cost resins and discontinued materials with a single mouse click. The Internet search tool delivers offset candidates in its Prospector Pro plastics search engine. Clicking an icon associated with the material initiates a search for similar plastics from IDES?s database of 53,103 global resins. Once candidate materials have been located, they are ranked by relevance and displayed in a table sorted by those that most closely match the initial plastic. Users can customize their search to find the best match for their product application. Once results have been narrowed to possible offsets, users are provided with a sourcing service to connect with resin distributors for material pricing.

According to IDES president Mike Kmetz, one molder used the search engine to find a lower cost plastic; and by replacing just one grade, they anticipate a cost savings of more than $600,000 next year.IDES, Laramie, WY
(307) 742-9227; www.ides.com/pro

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