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The role of the molding machine in the manufacturing process? A starring one on center stage

Article- The role of the molding machine in the manufacturing process? A starring one on center stage

Once the part and mold have been designed and the material has been selected, it is time to make parts. But even if you've done everything right to this point, too many things can still go wrong. Much of the success or failure that is experienced at this point in injection molding is related to the selection of the molding machine, notes Mike Sepe, The Materials Analyst of Injection Molding Magazine fame and the host of our 6-part Injection Molding Expert webinar series.

In the three webinars in the series so far, Mike has covered concurrent engineering and DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly), material selection, and resin drying and moisture measurement. Hundreds of plastics processors have invested an hour in each of these webinars, and many are repeat attendees, clear indication of the value they place on Mike's information and advice. If you haven't had the chance to listen to these yet, and download the great slides, make the time to do so; it's easy, just surf here, register quickly and enjoy these and other recent webinars. The "Top 10 tips for purging" one I can also very highly recommend, and all of Allan Griff's have been superb.

As valuable as the recorded webinars are, joining "live" tops them as Mike spends the last 20 minutes of each presentation fielding your questions. How often do you get free access to ask your specific questions of one of the world's most expert injection molding consultants?

About never is the answer, as you know, so make time to join us for his next showing on September 14 at 12:00 ET. Register for it today right here. The 60-minute webinar will discuss machine specification considerations for various materials and applications and how they impact the ability of a processor to establish a robust process and consistently make salable parts.

In advance we want to thank injection molding machinery manufacturer Engel for its sponsorship of this upcoming webinar.

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