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Plastic Waste as Art

Our curated virtual exhibit of artistry from discarded plastics sourced from Tweets.

Rick Lingle, Senior Technical Editor

October 14, 2020

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"Strawpocalypse" made from beach-collected straws
Benjamin Von Wong

Have visits to museums been off-limits due to the pandemic? Here’s a modest but curated virtual substitute from social media of artistry from discarded plastics.

In June my Plan A to attend an exhibition of art created from recycled items was thwarted, as numerous such things have been universally for most humans since earlier this year by COVID-19.

My attendance was as much for my own interest as it was to blog my experience for this publication.

Alas, the best-laid plans of mice and men…however, a much-belated Plan B came to mind this week: A virtual exhibition via Twitter of Tweets wherein recycled plastics intersect with art. It seems to be quite a thing as you’ll see in the following examples.

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Strawpocalypse by artist Benjamin Von Wong is made from 168,000 plastic straws collected from beach cleanups, according to the HuffPost.

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How about “infoart”?

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Lastly, a slight off-topic bonus of art created from virgin materials rather than waste — I’ll consider it artistic license – that’s just too cool not to include. I call this Etchings on Extruded Sheet.

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Rick Lingle

Senior Technical Editor, Packaging Digest and PlasticsToday

Rick Lingle is Senior Technical Editor, Packaging Digest and PlasticsToday. He’s been a packaging media journalist since 1985 specializing in food, beverage and plastic markets. He has a chemistry degree from Clarke College and has worked in food industry R&D for Standard Brands/Nabisco and the R.T. French Co. Reach him at [email protected] or 630-481-1426.

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