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'Thermoforming Superhero' saves the day on YouTube

So far only two of the 270 viewers of the video have taken time to rate it, but both awarded it the maximum of five stars, giving the industry’s first “Thermoforming Superhero” a higher rating than, for instance, the "Paris Hilton for president video,” though in all fairness the hotel heiress’ spot has been viewed more often—so far.

Matt Defosse

April 24, 2009

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'Thermoforming Superhero' saves the day on YouTube

The “Thermoforming Superhero” video on YouTube comes courtesy of industrial parts thermoformer ThermoFab (Shirley, MA), which says it launched the video as a creative way to leverage new marketing mediums.

According to Lisa King, manufacturing engineer at the processor, ThermoFab has had “a fantastic response” from current and potential clients in the medical device and other Industries, and also believes the video will help the company connect more closely with the colleges and universities where many production projects take life at the research level. “The ‘Thermoforming Superhero’ video let us describe the passionate collaborative process in a fun and exciting venue," wrote King in answer to an MPW inquiry. The process worked with the Precision Marketing Group to develop the video.

Websites such as YouTube and LinkedIn are proving new territory for plastics processors to trumpet their capabilities, canvass for potential new business, and seek answers to questions. The same can be said for the reader forum at our own website, where recent exchanges have included advice for specifying materials for automotive bumpers and advice on choosing a hot runner. [email protected]

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